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Transform Your Institution with Edulytics

Edulytics is a tool dedicated to the analysis of Educational Reports for Educational Institutions.


Our main goal is to simplify access, interpretation, and management of data related to student performance and progress, as well as manage pedagogical indicators of the institution.

Our Solutions

Edulytics Report

Your intitution's data with pre-set reports, made specially for you, and delivered in the frequency you choose.

Performance Hub

Your own Rocas Tech BI Manager, analysing your institutions data and providing you with valuable insights and information.


Edulytics Live

For institutions that have different needs within their teams and need to see everything in real time.

My Edulytics

Robust and integrated BI. Gather information from your LMS, ERP and whatever else you need, in a custom-made solution.


Your Solution's Timeline

  • Centralized data: access student information in real time, from anywhere.

  • Performance analysis: monitor your students’ progress and performance.​

  • Efficient reporting: generate detailed performance reports by student or class.​

  • Personalized feedback: improve student results with personalized strategies.

  • Better student experience: gain insights into behavior, engagement, and satisfaction.

  • Data-driven insights: improve team decision-making and drive growth.

  • Empower your team: promote collaboration, transparency and alignment.

  • Ready for the future: keep your institution at the forefront by facilitating the implementation of information tools and structures.

Why do you need Edulytics?


Edulytics for D2L

Automate and integrate your BI processes seamlessly with your D2L platform.

Experience the power of personalized dashboards tailored to your institution's D2L consumption, unlocking valuable insights for growth.



Let’s Work Together

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Take the next step towards data-driven success with Edulytics.



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